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It’s no longer a secret that the cost of living is increasing with every passing day and the resources available are shrinking almost at the same pace or even faster. 

Many of us rely on salaries or working for just a daily meal and the financial resources can barely cover all the basic necessities of life.

Here are  a few survival tips to keep you afloat in these hard economic times and high cost of living which is always being blamed on the Ukraine and Russian war but what can we do that is within our means .

-Reduce unnecessary expenses and spend on utilities &  the basic necessities of life 

-Manage your debts by reducing or completely avoiding borrowing in the form of  finances , goods among others  unless it’s really an emergency and life threatening.

-Get creative in your business or the kind of work you are doing  to ensure that your business keeps running without running into the risk of shutting down. 

-Consider growing a food basket of your own from wherever you are , whether it’s an apartment (visit youtube to find easiest ways to grow food in your living condition ). Food is one of the necessities that consume more money and is also important for one’s health and general well being.

-Carefully track your spending, “While budgeting can often feel emotionally constraining, it can also be very empowering. It enables you to cut expenses and increase savings. When you don’t monitor your cash flow, you can’t make contingency plans for unknown expenses. A common approach is to save what is left after spending. A far better approach is to spend after saving,” 

-Find ways to save & earn more through  investing your current income to generate some extra money without having to borrow elsewhere.

Nugsoft technologies wishes you a wonderful week ahead.

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