As a tertiary institution proprietor, there are many decisions you have to make. One of those is deciding on a software that will efficiently serve in your institution. Do you go for one that requires you to be at the institution 24/7 and requires technical support much of the time yet with a few functionalities or do you go for SchoolMonitor? Let’s ease that decision for you. With SchoolMonitor, you have a comprehensive software that manages finance, academics and all associated operations in an institution, fully integrated with SchoolPay yet with a user-friendly students’ portal that allows students to check their results, fees balances and several other essential records. Now is a good time to choose a software that allows you to monitor all these both on site and remotely. Our team was in Kagadi to enroll St. Ambrose Institute of Health Sciences and onboard users onto the most reliable institution management software known to man. Make that call to 0706 397 621 today for a discussion and a demo. You don’t only get a software, it is convenience, academic excellence, profit and productivity all in a single package

School Monitor deployment at Vision Park Junior School -Lukaya

SchoolMonitor continues to cement it’s position as the number one School Management Software in Uganda and schools that seek to improve performance and profitability all appreciate it’s numerous amazing user-friendly features. Vision Park School Lukaya is the latest to join the platform as they recently acquired SchoolMonitor to improve the quality and efficiency of operations at the school, our team was on ground to train and onboard users. SchoolMonitor accurately and diligently manages all school records including academics, finance, discipline, library and sickbay records thus totally digitizing your school. Call Us today on +256 (0) 706 397 621 or visit to request a demo and feel the SchoolMonitor experience first hand


Last Month, Team Nugsoft installed SchoolMonitor 3.6 at Equatorial College School – Ibanda and trained users and staff on system usage. Equatorial College joins a multitude of schools that tested School Monitor and decided that it is the most suitable software for managing all their school operations, owing to its reliability, solidity and user-centeredness. SchoolMonitor extends a robust school management platform with features for managing Academic records, finance records, discipline records, budgets, staff and sickbay records so whether you run a mid-sized school or a large environment with a big population, you can trust that SchoolMonitor will reduce the volume of your work and increase accuracy while at the same time improving revenue collection, all in a centralized setup.
Would you prefer to be the school that wish they had SchoolMonitor or the one enjoying all its numerous advantages? Call us today on +256 393 228 457 to arrange for a detailed chat or visit to request a demo. Digitize your School with SchoolMonitor