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Productivity is simply output as measured by input, sometimes it has tangible or straight forward  results and other times not.

During the pursuit for productivity you may find yourself in situations where you aim to be productive at all times at the expense of other relatively important aspects of life.  They may all look important but in the long run they deprive you of the sense of contentment and  impact our ability to value ourselves beyond what we are “doing”. 

Improving your productivity as an individual takes time therefore you have to be patient with yourself .

Try incorporating a few of these suggestions into your daily schedules  and lookout for what works or not and develop a lasting plan to improve your productivity without compromising your other life pursuits.

 -Reduce or stop  multitasking and focus on just one task at a time. This will help you complete the task faster and with the best results aiding you to easily onto the next task.

-Breakdown goals into smaller sections because larger goals can be intimidating to complete all at once

-Create time block frames in your daily schedule where a certain period of the day  is dedicated for a single task . For instance,  from 9 am to 10 am you shall be answering emails etc. You can set the time blocks at your own convenience and based on what you do in a day or what you want to achieve.

-Limit distractions by putting aside anything that may distract you for a certain period of time .

-Start with the hardest tasks or things first even though they may seem time consuming which may tempt you to start with the areas that seem easy to do. It’s also important to put these challenging tasks at the time of the day when you  feel most motivated.

-Identify when you’re most productive and maximize your efforts at this time .

Nugsoft technologies wishes you a productive week.

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