Effortlessly manage your business with our software solution

Track revenue, analyze sales, evaluate your expenses, make informed inventory purchases, and know if you are making profit or loss.


Stock and Inventory Management

POS Cream has got you covered –
Easily manage all your stock and Inventory on one point with advanced features like, Bulk stocking, Stock recinciliation, Supplier Management, and many others.

Sales Management

Whether it is whole-sale, or retail, your sales will be performed with the most easiest and most efficient way. The system has a bar code integration that helps you perform sales without hustle.

Profit analysis

We present to you an inbuilt accounting functionality that helps you to calculate all your profits and losses with ease. Worry no more, POS Cream has got you covered on this.

Expense Managenent

Our software helps you keep track of all expenses in the entire business. With ability to set expense limits, the system can notify you when the expenses have been exceeded and calls for your action. You will love this feature.

Easy report Generation

At a glance, you’ll be able to view all reports from the system without hustle. You can generate reports from all sections of the business including stock, sales, expenses, most purchased products, and many others. Our Report feature also includes graphical analysis that are easy to interpret.

Multiple Branch management

Another great feature of POS Cream is the ability to manage multiple business branches at one end. This feature helps you to create branches, assign staff to them , stock individual branches, generate individual branch reports, and many others