Your Perfect Sacco Management System


User Friendly Experience

Feel the breeze of finance management with mfuko plus. With our user friendly, secure, accurate and real-time application, all finance management activities are performed with ease.

Member Registration

Our SACCO Management system has one of the best registration modules including advanced features like Automatic account generation, Selection of account types, Real-time registration feedback and many others

Share Management

With Mfuko Plus, You can easily create and trade shares within and among sacco members with ease. Administrators can easily manage share capital, and controll the process of transactions with shares.

Loan Management

One of the best features of Mfuko Plus is Loan Management. With this, it is easy to manage loan requests, loan approvals, and loan payments. with our advanced capabilities like automatic account tracking, Guarantor management, Loan schedule management, Security management, automatic payment, and many others

Transaction Management

As any banking institution, Mfuko Plus gives you freedom to perform transactions in your customized way. Ranging from Depositing, to with drawing, to account transfer, this software gives you freedom to perform all that with ease of access to multiple advanced features.

Reporting and Accounting

Mfuko Plus gives accountants a starting base as it helps to generate transaction statements and ledgers with ease. Ths system is also capable of generating all kinds of reports from the sacco including performance reports, profit analysis reports, share transaction reports, loans reports, and very many others.