Poscream Deployment at Family Medical Point (FMP) Entebbe

Family Medical Point (FMP) Entebbe is now fully digital following the acquisition of Poscream point of sales  Software. Team Nugsoft was on site to train and onboard users so they are now experiencing the efficiency and effectiveness of the most reliable and stable point of sales software in the land first hand. Quality  records management in a business facility is one of the factors that instill  lead to business growth you can be sure of stability, security and user-centricity. Acquire Poscream today to manage you business stock levels,sales,expenses and at the same time providing your customers with the quality of service they expect; all on an affordable, comprehensive system that also allows you to monitor operations remotely.

Poscream deployment at FINE Pharmacy Rushere

Fine Pharmacy joins the amazing POSCream Universe. POSCream software is the ideal Point of Sales Software for your Pharmacy, Shop, Hardware Store, Supermarket, Store and other business point. Do not take chances with your investment, acquire a software that allows you to accurately manage stock, sales and expenses while at the same time extending extremely crucial reporting features. Call Us on +256 706 397 621 today to give your business one of the best tools it needs to succeed. Our team will reach you wherever you are and enroll you on the most efficient, secure and stable Point of Sales software


Last Month, Team Nugsoft installed SchoolMonitor 3.6 at Equatorial College School – Ibanda and trained users and staff on system usage. Equatorial College joins a multitude of schools that tested School Monitor and decided that it is the most suitable software for managing all their school operations, owing to its reliability, solidity and user-centeredness. SchoolMonitor extends a robust school management platform with features for managing Academic records, finance records, discipline records, budgets, staff and sickbay records so whether you run a mid-sized school or a large environment with a big population, you can trust that SchoolMonitor will reduce the volume of your work and increase accuracy while at the same time improving revenue collection, all in a centralized setup.
Would you prefer to be the school that wish they had SchoolMonitor or the one enjoying all its numerous advantages? Call us today on +256 393 228 457 to arrange for a detailed chat or visit www.schoolmonitor.net to request a demo. Digitize your School with SchoolMonitor

Efarmu Dairy Farm Management Software

Efarmu is a dairy farm management system run and owned by Efarmu Ltd.I had an opportunity to lead the development of Efarmu Software.It is one of the leading dairy farm records management softwares.Efarmu enables farmers to generate daily and monthly reports about the farm. It houses lactation records that enable assessing profitability of each cow. This app also has data of average performance of a particular breed in the country thus helping a farmer to compare performance of his dairy herd and those in the region which is vital in establishing if the farmer is under performing or over performing.
Efarmu is accessible on https://efarmu.com/.