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Clinic Plus deployment at Examina medical laboratory

Because of Clinic Plus’s efficiency ,user friendliness reliability and data security, Examina Medical Loboratory has adopted it for all their operations.

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Nugsoft Technologies School Monitor system deployment at Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and Midwifery

School Monitor deployment the Florence Nightingale school of nursing & midwifery

The Florence Nightingale School of Nursing & Midwifery is on SchoolMonitor.Every academic institution needs an efficient and user-friendly software solution to

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Nugsoft Technologies Clinic Plus system deployment at Bujuuko Hospital

Clinic Plus deployment at Bujjuko hospital

Clinic Plus Deployment at Bujjuko HospitalBujjuko Hospital will now experience the goodness of one of the best Hospital Management system in

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School Monitor is the best

If you are operating a school, this is the time to go digital . School Monitor, a school management system digitalizes

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Happy International women’s day – Nugsoft Technologies

Happy international women’s day from Nugsoft Technologies to all the women who make the world a safe and better place for everyone. We

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Sunday inspiration with Nugsoft Technologies -improving productivity at  the workplace or as an individual

Productivity is simply output as measured by input, sometimes it has tangible or straight forward  results and other times not. During

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Why does your business need a website?

A website is an important part of any company , business or service provider because of its reliability and stability ,

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