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Parenting For Respectability Website

The Parenting for Respectability (PfR) in Uganda (2013-2016) is a community based pilot project to reduce sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) and child maltreatment. It is 16 session parenting programme with a core of 10 single sex and 6 mixed sex group sessions led in a semi-participatory way by a trained facilitator. The goal of this programme is to modify four familial processes that predict child maltreatment and SGBV in Uganda:

Efarmu Dairy Farm Management Software

Efarmu is a dairy farm management system run and owned by Efarmu Ltd.I had an opportunity to lead the development of Efarmu Software.It is one of the leading dairy farm records management softwares.Efarmu enables farmers to generate daily and monthly reports about the farm. It houses lactation records that enable assessing profitability of each cow. This app also has data of average performance of a particular breed in the country thus helping a farmer to compare performance of his dairy herd and those in the region which is vital in establishing if the farmer is under performing or over performing.
Efarmu is accessible on

Power for Social Action SACCO

Mfuko Plus is an integrated SACCO and micro finance management system with a number of modules which enables SACCOs to manage their operations from loans applications to disbursement, savings and withdrawals,expenses,shares, accounts functionality, financial accounting and reporting, shares/deposits management, front office administration and group’s management.Power for Social Action contacted us to give them this specific service and they have been using it since then
mufuko is accessible on

Divine College Buyaga -School Management System

in 2019,Divine college Buyaga contacted us to supply them with School Monitor Software.School Monitor is most reliable and trusted school management information system in Uganda.
It manages students academic performance,fees payment,budgeting,sickbay,students discipline,staff attendance,students attendance and students results  among others.
Since 2015,School Monitor has come out to be one of the leading school management solution in Uganda.
Its simple and easy to use thus making it most preferable school management system in Uganda by school administrators, staff and directors.

Website Design & Development for CAN-AFRICA

he Climate Action Network Africa (CAN-A) is a network of CSOs working to promote government and individual actions that limit human-induced climate change to ecologically sustainable levels. CAN-Africa members work to achieve this goal through information exchange, stakeholder engagement, action research, capacity building and advocacy. CAN-Africa members work on climate issues at national, regional and international levels.

CAN Africa work to achieve its vision through the coordination and mobilization of national and regional nodes to collectively respond to and influence.Its website is accessible via

Freshwater Biodiversity Data portal for Uganda

In partnership with National Fisheries Resources Research Institute (NaFIRRI),we developed the first ever Freshwater Biodiversity data portal for Uganda:a one stop center for all freshwater biodiversity data in Uganda. The project aims at expanding the accessibility and utility of freshwater biodiversity information in Uganda.The data portal has been developed in python, with faceted search features to browse and find data,  preview it using maps, graphs and tables .It is a searchable online database for freshwater biodiversity for Uganda that enables developers, journalists, researchers, NGOs, citizens,Government to easily find data and use it to make policies and decisions.  The portal, allows addition of new records and datasets by users, hence stimulating data sharing in future.It is accessible via For sustainability purposes and capacity building, Nugsoft Technologies has worked hand in hand with NaFIRRI ict team thus improving the team’s programming and database development skills.

Freshwater Biodiversity Portal For Uganda

Freshwater Biodiversity Portal For Uganda